New Product Development

New Product Development

OEL is able to support its customers with New Product Development (NPD) solutions through Season Group's subsidiaries, DSP Design (in UK) and Season Technologies Limited (in China). These two subsidiaries are able to leverage the vast knowledge gained by Season Group from its vertically integrated manufacturing solution and marry this to a local UK front-end design team and lower cost China-based design services. As Season Group makes its own moulds and dies, plastic injection moulded or thermoformed parts, wire harness assemblies and printed circuit board assemblies (PCBA), it is able to incorporate all of this manufacturing know-how into the product design. This not only allows us to ensure that the products are easy to manufacture (which saves on labour costs) but perhaps more importantly, allows us to develop products for customers with a much shorter product development cycle. Combining this with the in-depth knowledge of our Embedded Systems experts in DSP Design, provides a very strong technical input.

Risk Share Model

As part of Season Group’s overall NPD and EMS offering, we are able to provide customers with the option to amortise all design costs into the product price (where Season Group has also been chosen to be the sole product manufacturer for that customer).

For further information regarding Season Group’s off-the-shelf and custom Embedded Systems solutions, please visit DSP Design.

Electronic Design Mechanical Design Firmware Development
  • Schematic and PCB Layout
  • Component Selection
  • Cost Reduction
  • Product Re-fresh
  • End-of-Life and Sustaining Engineering
  • Plastic and metal enclosure Design
  • 3D model and CAD data creation
  • Mould and Die Design
  • Product Assembly Drawings
  • Industrial Design
  • Prototype verification
  • Functional Test Development
  • MCU programming
  • Labview programming
  • Linux Kernel driver
  • Android/Linux customisation
  • RF Circuit Design
  • Touch Screen Tablet
  • AC Adapter and DC-DC Converter Circuits
  • MCU controller
  • IP-65 Zigbee Device
  • Tablet PC
  • Medical Tablet
  • Satellite Phone
  • Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detector
  • C/C++/C#
  • Python/PERL
  • Windows GUI-based Application
  • Android API
  • Labview Test